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Community scheme claims

If you have suffered a loss or damage, follow next steps:

Office hours:

Phone the Addsure claims team on (021) 551-5069 for guidance.

After hours:

Geyser emergencies – click here 

After hours:

Other claims:

  • In the case of a fire, please call your local fire emergency services immediately
  • Let your trustees or managing agent know about the claim soonest.
  • Email us on info@addsure.co.za.
    Read more about reinstatement, accommodation, security of premises and prevention of loss here.

Submit claim form together with supporting documentation via email (claims@addsure.co.za) or fax (021 551-976).

Community scheme owners must complete and sign where damages are being claimed. All claim forms should then be signed by two trustees, or one trustee and the managing agent.

HOA claim forms must be completed by trustees, directors or managing agent (not by individual owners within the scheme).

A claim form is submitted to the insurer together with supporting documentation to enable the insurer to properly assess the claim. Usually, two quotations and a report from the contractor documenting the amount of loss, cost to reinstate and cause of the damage. Further information in dealing with insurance claims.