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Keeping your property in a good state of repair

Prevention of loss or damage is a property owner’s responsibility; no insurer can be expected to repair damages caused by failure to maintain your building. Some examples of this scenario include the following:

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  • Water or damp ingress due to failed waterproofing of exterior walls, roofing, window and door frames, etc.
  • Water or damp ingress due to blocked drains, gutters or waste pipes.
  • Damage caused by tree roots, creeping plants, pests or vermin.
  • Slow leaks and damp caused by corroded or pitted water supply pipes.
  • Normal settlement cracks caused by settlement, temperature variations, rust (concrete spalling).


Not only will insurers reject claims for the repairs to buildings but negligence with regard to maintenance could also lead to accidents or bodily injury to persons; either occupants or visitors.

It is of vital importance that property owners and/or trustees take utmost care to ensure that loose bricks and pavers are secured, broken window glass is repaired, slippery surfaces avoided by keeping it dry and clear (not only water spills but also common green moss in shade areas), and cracked and/or leaning perimeter walls are secured against collapse. Failure to take prompt remedial action to repair known defects could lead to very trying and traumatic experiences, especially if it causes severe injury, disability and even death.


Author: Brian Addison

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