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Specialist Business Products

Here are some of the specialist risks we can assist you with:

A marine cargo loss could be detrimental to your business. This policy provides cover for your cargo, the vessel and the goods in transit, whether it be for the import or export of goods.

The risks associated with transporting goods could provide many challenges. This policy ensures that your business goods are adequately covered whilst in transit.

From the start of your construction, there is a risk of unforeseen events that may result in additional expenses. This cover insures against these unforeseen hazards which may threaten work while under construction or during the course of installation which standard business policies do not cover.

Your equipment is important to us, whether it be your generators, TLB’s, excavators, tools, etc. We cover these on an all risks basis for loss or damage. Items owned or hired are covered whether in use, onsite or stored.

A business owner’s largest risk is to those around them, as well as the threat of loss or damage to property and the life of a third party. Based on your specific need, this can be combined with your business policy or taken on a standalone basis.

Every business relies on technology and electronic equipment. This product offers cover for items such as medical equipment, PABX systems or your complete IT infrastructure. Based on your specific need, this can be combined with your business policy or taken on a standalone basis.

This product is designed to provide you with the financial indemnification for those unforeseen losses to your machinery. it is important to note that this is not a maintenance policy.

No business has the financial means to continue operating after an insured event has placed financial strain on your business, forcing your business to temporarily close down. We offer expert advice on how to structure your business policy combined with the business interruption policy to help you get back on your feet and regain your financial stability after an insured event.

We understand the risks and challenges that a farmer faces on a daily basis. Not only do you feed yourself and your family but you also feed your community, the nearby city and our nation. The unpredictability of unforeseen weather patterns, wild animal attacks and diseases can pose a great threat to your bottom line. Following a full needs-analysis, we are able to tailor-make a policy to suit your needs.

Emergency assistance at schools is crucial as parents and guardians entrust their children’s safety to the institution. Should a pupil become injured, the educational institution needs to act swiftly or it could be held liable for the medical costs associated with the injury. They will also be financially impacted should the child pass away, not to mention the damage to the school’s reputation. This insurance provides cover for emergency assistance to attend to the child’s injury without unjust delay.

This insurance provides cover to a group of motor vehicles, business vehicles and heavy motor vehicles such as trucks insured on one policy. Fleet insurance covers vehicles used for transporting goods and often needs to include cargo cover while in transit. Passenger liability, spillage or clean-up for road cargo and third-party motor excess must be included in your insurance cover.

No matter where you find yourself in the hospitality industry, we have a product that can be tailored to your specific need, including small guest houses, hotels, game lodges, conference venues, wedding venues to spas and golf courses, to name a few.

Legal costs along with the costs to defend yourself in court could cripple your business. Our expert advice and tailor-made policies will ensure that you do not suffer financially in the performance of your professional service for allegations such as inadequate services or advice, negligence or breach of duty, or omission or error.

Commercial crime Insurance protects the insured against loss due to fraud and/or theft committed by their employees as well as computer fraud (conducted by any party including non-employees), extortion, electronic data loss, computer virus and fraudulent transfer instructions.

Protect your money against online fraud and theft. This policy covers both individuals and businesses against the loss of funds due to fraudulent transactional activity.

A comprehensive and powerful legal expense product for community schemes through a unique short-term insurance policy.  With this product, bodies corporate can insure legal cost risks ordinarily not covered by their sectional title policy. It mitigates risks all round by having this financial risk backstop in place and offering risk mitigation advice such as disclaimer boards and third-party claim attendance. Assists with collections and collection fees.

Personal Insurance

By understanding every aspect of your personal risk, we are better able to ensure that you enjoy the bespoke cover, meeting your individual needs. With our extensive range of products, we can provide multiple options to help you make an informed decision.

Addsure offers the following cover under personal insurance:

  • Vehicle
  • Contents
  • Buildings
  • All risk
  • Specified all risk
  • Watercraft
  • Top-up cover / Credit shortfall
  • Liability
  • Personal computer (data recovery)

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