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Sectional Title Insurance and Technology

Over the past 10 years, the way we work has changed with technological advances shaping the way we do things; shaping our culture. The past three years certainly has seen the most changes from a sectional title insurance point of view.

Ten years ago Addsure would receive everything by post and quotes via fax. In turn, we would mail almost everything we produced and where we could, hand deliver policy renewal documents, policy documents, endorsements and wordings.

Today these documents are sent to us in PDF format. We analyse these and produce a letter of advice in electronic format and combine insurer’s PDF format quotes into one document; then we forward our collation and summary to our clients. Actual policy wordings and further information can be downloaded from our website.

In preparation for our workshops, we used to photocopy notes and brochures, and have it spine bound as notes for our training sessions.

Today, in our workshops and presentations, we work with PowerPoint presentations; providing clients with fewer notes and handouts usually referring them to a website to download more information and notes.

Even the way we communicate and travel has changed radically. Travelling between our regional offices meant carrying a laptop, camera, Garmin, HP12C calculator and a phone. Nowadays, our smartphones includes all of these items plus more. Even my HP12C calculator is an app on my phone!

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a move away from simply emailing a message with attached excel files, scans, etc. clogging inboxes. We like the move towards using hyperlinks, e.g. so, instead of saying: “We enclose the claim form – see attached”; we now say: “CLICK HERE for a claim form”

An array of stationery and templates can be (as is on the Addsure website) made available. Stationery is easily updated or tweaked by Addsure without affecting your clients.

Claims forms alone are a super example. In the old days, managing agents would need to keep stocks of claim forms (paper) which were completed and faxed between parties which would result in the document fading, getting more skew and less clear along the way.

Today, managing agents can put the Addsure Form Fill Claim form’s link on their websites which can then be downloaded, completed and submitted electronically, i.e. signing and sending a typed claim form, either electronically signed or printed, signed and re-sent.

This way, clients of managing agents (owners and trustees) are encouraged to click through to their (managing agent) websites, which can provide information needed, especially after hours. This can save a great deal of time and resources.

After the last NAMA Indaba in 2013, we were encouraged and motivated by a MyStrata presentation which showed managing agents a new way of managing the finances and information.

Shortly after this, at another NAMA function in Pretoria, I learned about Social Estate, another super platform for communication within a scheme.

These and/or other developed software and websites should be harnessed. “We have the nets, but we still tend to fish with rods” for want of a better analogy.

Click Here for a sample of how we think managing agent websites can make great use of the Addsure templates and forms. This is just a rough sample to show what can be done; high impact yet very little input or expense.

Click Here for an example of email use of links rather than typing out long ‘essays’ – our ‘essays’ are already pre-written and ready to use!

Remember managing agents: every click on your website counts and this is a great way to attract more clients to your website. Make your website a place for clients to go; give your clients tools to do some of your work! Owners: find out where your claims procedure is located or as a default, go straight to the Addsure website.

Think of it this way: if an owner has a burst geyser on a Sunday or after hours, he is able to go online, read up on the procedure, download a form fill claim form, complete and submit it straight to your office. A lot of time is saved.  The alternative is an irate call on Monday morning, claim forms faxed or emailed before even entertaining the claim itself.

Addsure has embraced technology and has developed unique software for the management of sectional title insurance. We have branded our software ATON meaning Aid To Navigation, in line with our lighthouse brand story. ATON will certainly add more value to sectional title portfolio managers and trustees going forward. We are constantly upgrading and improving our website in line with the needs of our clients. In addition, our weekly blog articles add value and are often used as references when emailing information.

We are extremely excited about the potential of technology in the workplace.


Author : Mike Addison

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