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Claiming for water damage to fitted carpets

All insurance policies provide cover for damage to fitted carpets caused by a sudden and unforeseen flooding event. These events include events such as burst pipes, burst geysers, accidental bath overflows, storm or rainwater flooding and sewerage overflows.

Damage caused by slow leaks or any gradual process of water ingress giving rise to damp, rot, decay, moss, mildew, etc. are not covered by insurance policies. Examples include – but not limited to – leaking or corroded pipes, failed waterproofing and lack of ventilation.

In the event of carpet saturation (flooding event), it is possible to save carpets through swift action to extract the water. Reputable carpet contractors will lift the fitted carpet to aid drying and do their best to save the underfelt. If left unattended, the underfelt will be compromised and as a consequence, also the carpets.

Insurers are aware that clean water damage such as burst water supply pipes and burst geyser events can hardly cause much damage to fitted carpets by staining and can most often be cleaned. It is only really dirty or brown water such as flood mud, silt or sewerage that can damage a carpet and underfelt sufficiently to necessitate full replacement.

Insurers and appointed assessors are mindful of the fact that the cost to clean fitted carpets is far less than cost of replacement. It is important for insured owners to appreciate and accept their responsibility to make every effort and attempt to save the carpets by attending to water extraction swiftly and calling in a reputable carpet contractor for assistance.

It is extremely important that owners take instant responsibility to minimise damage or loss to fitted carpets to avoid dissatisfaction in case the insurer’s contribution is inadequate at settlement stage.


Author: Brian Addison

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