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The risky season

It is around this time of year that we start reminding trustees and owners to take care around common property.

We published a blog last year on festive season risk, suggesting that trustees send a notice to all owners about swimming pool supervision, etc. We also previously provided a checklist with tips on what to do when you’re going away during the festive season.

Many claims and losses can be avoided by taking a few extra precautions.

Wind and fire

We are already seeing the effects of heat waves and windy conditions in the western, southern and eastern Cape regions. After a season of rain, more vegetation provides more fuel for the fires.

After particularly windy days in the Western and Eastern Cape during this time of the year, there are usually a number of claims for wind damage. Simple care such as making sure signage is well-maintained to avoid blowing off buildings or poles as well as trimming trees and keeping roof sheeting in good order. Also in the southerly regions, the wind will rip up corrugated iron or loose roof sheeting in a second. Checking covered parking areas for loose sheeting, coverings etc. always good practice.

Showers, hail and flooding

Gauteng and KZN will start receiving their fair share of showers, hail and flooding. Make sure that drainage channels and covers are clear of debris. Flood damage is unfortunately often directly caused by blocked drains rather than the large volume of rain itself. One tends to overlook this during the dry season.

In case of emergency

Lastly, make sure that owners who stay behind at the complex know who to call in the case of emergencies, after hours or when the usual contacts are away. Murphy’s Law often serves us an emergency when you are away. As an example, on 1 January 2017 – new year’s morning – saw one of the most catastrophic flooding events at a complex in Johannesburg. Luckily, the managing agent and brokers were able to respond swiftly and assist with the arrangements.


We take this opportunity to wish all of our clients, followers and readers a safe and peaceful holiday season!


The Addsure Team

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