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Festive Season Risk

As we wind down for the holiday season we should pause for a moment and consider the risks associated with holidays and the environment we live in.

Factors such as socioeconomic trends, high unemployment, political uncertainty, the state of the economy and a culture of dishonest actions means that we have to be extra careful and vigilant.  Trustees should ensure that security measures are maintained and that while everyone relaxes, security is one area that is never relaxed.

In some community schemes, children are often not minded and left unsupervised by adults during school holiday times due to the high cost of care.  Recently, I read an excellent “Notice to owners” sent out by the trustees that draws owners’ attention to the possibility of petty theft and naughty behavior around common property during the season.  Owners took heed and packed toys, bicycles, etc. away and off accessible Exclusive Use Areas to remove any temptation. Children can be naughty, especially unsupervised.

Another risk area where parental supervision may be lacking is around swimming pool during these summer holidays. Boisterous play and unsupervised children could result in serious injury. Trustees need to ensure that the facilities are up to scratch in terms of safety regulations and that the rules of the scheme are being adhered to. Owners and tenants must be made aware of the rules and in particular, the rules around the swimming pool and any designated play areas.

Parties and the enjoyment alcoholic beverages along with a braai are all part of the good South African life but there are a number of safety risks associated with this which need to be considered.

In December 2015, we published a blog titled Tips to reduce risks before going away we elaborated on a number of useful tips to protect your home while you are away including unplugging electrical devices and checking taps, baths and basins, and emptying your postbox. Read this article again as a good refresher before you leave on a well-deserved break.

To all our clients, friends, followers, subscribers: the Addsure team wishes you all a blessed, safe and risk-free season!


Author : Mike Addison

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