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Water Restrictions and Geysers

As the country is caught in the grip of drought, many of the municipal authorities are taking whatever steps they can to ease the burden on the diminishing water resources. In Durban, one solution that is being implemented is the installation of water restrictors into supply pipes to slow down the flow of water in an effort to encourage less water consumption.

An article published in the Natal Mercury on Tuesday 26 April 2016 has lead some to believe that these water restrictors may lead to an increased risk of damage to geysers. As a result, we sought the opinion of a number of different parties including insurers, managing agents and plumbers and can confirm that there isn’t currently anything to be concerned about.

The advice we received from the plumbing industry is that as long as a pressure geyser has been installed correctly in terms of manufacturer’s specifications, the installation of water restrictors should not have a negative impact on the normal functioning of the geyser. Where geysers, including all valves and vacuum breakers, have not been installed correctly then there can be no guarantee that the geyser may be the subject of some damage.

The insurers have confirmed that, given the apparent absence of any increased risk to geysers following the installation of water restrictors, they do not currently see any reason to consider amending current geyser or related insurance terms and conditions. As such, clients need not be concerned that their insurer may reject their insurance claim as a result of the installation of a water restrictor at their property.


Author:  Bruce Gibson

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