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Fire Prevention


Does your property have adequate firefighting facilities and do the existing facilities comply with local legislation?

It doesn’t happen very often but when it does the consequences are devastating. National Building Regulations make specific requirements in terms of firefighting facilities for various types of properties. In many instances these requirements represent the minimum requirements. Installation and implementation of additional facilities will more often than not be a very prudent measure. Such measures may include the following:

  1. Installation of hand held fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke detectors in high risk areas such as kitchens and braai areas.

  2. Ensuring correct use of electrical appliances, including installation of power surge protection devices and never overloading electrical sockets.

  3. Regular maintenance and service of all fire fighting equipment.

  4. Compilation of a suitable emergency evacuation plan and ensuring all occupants are familiar with the details. All our security keeps us safe inside, but may keep us from getting out.

  5. Monitor and avoid the build-up or storage of significant quantities of flammable substances.

Most who have experienced a fire will confirm how quickly things happen and how helpless they felt in combating it. Smoke will almost always cause far more damage, injuries and deaths than heat and flames.

Property can be replaced but lives cannot. So when it comes to your fire fighting equipment, you need to do it right; seek professional assistance if need be. A bit of money spent on preventative measures will save both property and lives.

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Bruce Gibson is the author of this article. You can contact him on bruce@addsure.co.za or  031 459-1795.