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Cover for window glass and sectional title insurance

It is widely accepted that window glass is covered as part of the buildings. Normal residential buildings have smaller standard windows and doors; these are included for cover in the policy. Many commercial buildings however, have non-standard and larger retail shop-front glass panes with elaborate glass canopy structures that may require proper disclosure. Commercial risk policies either provide very limited cover or no cover at all for commercial glass.

For an insurance claim to be considered, the glass must be completely broken or shattered. A simple crack, chip or scratch to the glass pane does not necessarily qualify for consideration as an insurance claim.

The vast majority of glass insurance claims are related to accidental damage events or damages incurred in event of theft or forced entry. It is also very common that property lease or rental contract agreements pass the responsibility for repair costs for window glass on to the tenant and therefore, there is not always a need for an insurance claim to be made.

It is important then, for sectional title buildings with any commercial occupancy component to check their policy with regard to the extent of cover provided for any glass at risk.


Author: Brian Addison

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